Modern Color Options For Your New Custom Built Home

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Best colors to paint your house

One look at your house will tell a story about you. Hitting it right when it comes to the interior and outlook of your home depends on your interior designer’s artistry and your preference altogether. Gone are the days of settling for dull colors.

We have seen rare and exceptional combinations at their best. So, there are no particular rules when it comes to selecting color options for a new home. The sky’s the limit. But if you are looking for some advice on the best colors to paint your house check out Milan Homes.


A little bit on the best colors to paint your house

Color psychology.

Our environment is enriched with color. And falling into a dilemma on the best colors to paint your house is typical. It is essential to connect with both the interior and exterior colors of your abode.

If you have no partner, it may save you the trouble of having to compromise. However, you can always get to a middle ground. It is also vital to understand that women and men perceive colors differently. And everyone has a set of colors they have a thing for. This article will help guide you on the best way to find joy and comfort in your painting options.


Points to consider when choosing the best colors to paint your house

  1. Look at your neighborhood 

Start by looking at your neighborhood. What colors and materials of their exterior seem to please you? Remember to note the pleasant ones and those you wouldn’t select any day or time.

  1. Color harmony

You can’t select one color for the entire house. What about the windows, trims, front door, or even the roof? You will have to come up with other colors that speak the same language as your favorite one. That is referred to as color harmony.

It is about how they complement each other. When colors are disharmonious, they exhibit chaos and boredom. Remember that what you like is of importance. Even if your friends can’t agree with you, you should choose what you want. Nevertheless, it may be best to minimize combining two or more conspicuous colors.

  1. The Interior

For the interior, let’s break it down below to familiarize yourself with the different shades.


Warm colors

They include red, orange, yellow, and beige. For your living room, dining room, and kitchen, these colors are perfect. Since they are social rooms, it’s only suitable to choose colors that spice and stimulate emotions. Warm colors also inspire happiness and excitement.


Cool colors

They include green, blue, and grey. These colors calm emotions and soothe your senses, making them ideal for places of rest such as the bedroom.


  1. The Exterior

Wait a minute; color isn’t everything you have to figure out. The kinds of materials also matter. For wood and stone accents, for instance, they come in restricted colors. Note down that at least three colors should enrich your exterior. However, it is still open to debate depending on your liking.

  1. The style of your home

If you go the traditional way to suit your idea of a colonial or farmhouse, few colors are recommended. At the same time, modern or Victorian style, for instance, invites more colors. Figuring out the accent, trim, and primary siding colors may make your decision-making easier.

Which is more critical? The prominent siding covers the most significant area. So, painting it with your favorite color is probably the best idea. What about the trim and accent? Exterior colors tend to appear lighter, so going for ones two times darker in their shade may work some magic.

You could also test shades of colors against fixed components such as stones, shingles, or wood. For a classy look, you can consider landscaping, flowers, or outdoor furnishings. You could also consider colors that are generally acceptable by everyone if you want to sell your house someday.


Contact us

Choosing appropriate color options for a new home may be difficult. However, getting a professional to help you may be a better way to go. Milan Homes, located in Tampa, has got you covered from site-selecting, designing, building, and painting your house.

They have sixteen years of experience in building custom and semi-custom houses. Whether for a modern or farmhouse painting of your home in Florida, their exemplary craftsmanship is worth considering. For executive painting services, call them today!

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