The 6 Essential Steps to Creating the Custom Home of Your Dreams

by | Oct 2, 2021 | custom home builder

Building a custom home

Buying a home means less effort, time, and a lower price tag than building a custom home. But raising a glass of wine at your housewarming in a home you enjoy, from the tiny features to the significant ones, is a great achievement.

The custom building process incorporates in-depth planning and active engagement on your part. With the sensitive nature of such a big project, finding custom home builders that can bring the exact vision to life is another tricky element of your job.

Having a custom home built consumes a lot of time, depending on the design and size of the home. With that in mind, you may want to find a builder that will ensure seamless communication and that is up to the task that you have in mind.


Six Essential Steps of Building a Custom Home

  1. Start with a design

While the design company may give you some options to help with decision-making, it’s your job to figure out the elements that will make up your suitable home. You could tour your neighborhood while looking for rooftops, sidings, windows, or doors you like.

You could also ask your interior designer or local real estate agent for some tips. From your preferred architectural style, room functionality, design to your lifestyle, go through these details and note them down. Check out home design magazines for more inspiration.


  1. Find your team

Today, there are a variety of custom home builders and architects that offer design services. Such professionals will undoubtedly have recommendations for reputable builders. If not, you could ask your friends or family for referrals. With no success, ask building associations or the local realtor.

To ensure that your chosen builder has the skills necessary for your project, it’s important to check their customer reviews. Ask the potential builders for their previous customers’ list. As you call the contacts, let them rate the custom builder based on satisfaction, project management expertise, timely payment to subs and suppliers, and the construction quality. If possible, get a hold of the sample contracts, schedules, and construction warranties.


  1. Choose the perfect location

The location of your custom home is just as important as its design. Think about the elements of your lifestyle that need to be close to your home. How many schools and parks are nearby? Where’s the nearest shopping center? How far is your commute going to be?

Once you’ve found a good neighborhood, your team can help you evaluate individual plots based on their potential, utility hookups, and other factors.


  1. Define the design elements

It sounds simple until you have to meet with your architect or designer for extended periods to analyze different choices with their cost and advantages and develop a detailed budget. Additionally, the details like finalizing the design ideas, floor plans, and the specific products that will bring out your exact dream home are not a one-time discussion.

All these elements may take as little as a few months and even go for a year in some cases.


  1. Oversee the construction process

Before the commencement of the construction, decision-making is on your shoulders, and it doesn’t get any different when the team is working on the tools. These choices are about the design, color, and products, making up 75% of the entire twelve-month schedule for most custom homes.


The average cost of building a custom home

In the Us, the average home is 2600 square feet and costs $150 per square and may sum up to approximately $400 000. However, this figure varies from builder to builder and depends on design and location.

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