How to Choose between gas and wooden fireplaces

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Custom Fireplace in Tampa

The trend of getting fireplaces has gone down over the years since 2015, and now the people who decide to get fireplaces usually opt for custom fireplaces. People living in high-end areas have shown an opposite trend and are becoming increasingly fond of fireplaces. If you are thinking of getting a new home fireplace, we at Milan Homes can help you get the customized fireplace you have always wanted that will elevate the look of your house and be a sight for sore eyes!

However, before getting the fireplace, you need to decide whether you want a gas or a wood fireplace and here is everything you need to know about making that decision.


Choosing between gas and wooden fireplace

Depending on your demands from your fireplace and the look you are going for, you can opt for either a gas fireplace or a wooden one. However, if you cannot reach a conclusion and find yourself in a dilemma, you can even go for a combination of the two. This will have the pros of both fireplaces mixed. However, there will also be the disadvantage of having the cons of two types of fireplaces, and thus you need to make this decision with the utmost care.



If you weigh the convenience of both gas and wooden fireplaces, gas fireplaces outweigh wooden ones by a lot. When it comes to wooden fireplaces, for the fire to start, you have to place a bed of ashes of about 1 to 2 inches in your fireplace and remove any unnecessary blockades or other particles. Make sure the damper is open, and the flue is primed. Place the firewood in the fireplace strategically, and you are good to go.

On the other hand, gas fireplaces are relatively less labour intensive, and all you have to do is check for debris and open the damper. Once this is done, you have to turn on the ignition switch, and you will have a beautiful fire in front of you.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Again, gas fireplaces outweigh wooden ones. Wooden fireplaces require a thorough cleaning after the fire has been put out, and this can be quite a hassle for the users. You also have to keep checking the creosote for the sake of preventing chimney blockage. Gas fireplaces only require an annual checkup of the ventilation pipes, and the thermopile and thermocouple may require cleaning on infrequent instances.



Appearance is the category where wooden fireplaces take the lead. It gives a more authentic and sensory experience and has the additional benefit of filling up the surrounding with the smell and feel of a fireplace. It gives a more cosy and homely look to the place, thus further enhancing the experience. Gas fireplaces are trying to reach the level of wooden fireplaces and have tried to mimic their look. Still, the originality of wooden fireplaces cannot be stolen and gives them the upper hand when it comes to appearance.


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If you are conflicted between a gas and a wooden custom fireplace, we can help you decide. We have been working on fireplaces for quite some years now and are well aware of the technicalities and pros and cons attached to each kind of fireplace. Hire us today and get the new home fireplace that you have wanted for a while.

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