5 Different styles in Custom Home Exteriors

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Custom home exteriors in fl

Designing a custom home allows you to be creative with the designing process, from floor plans to exterior styling. Specific home designs might not augur well with the climate around you. Also, your surrounding neighborhood buildings and landscape are significant factors when choosing an exterior design for your custom home. A lot of consideration goes into constructing custom home exteriors and this is where Milan Homes comes in play, offering services in Tampa and all of Florida.

The custom home exterior comes in different styles that suit specific types of tastes. Deciding on the final custom home exterior can be difficult. Here are some popular trends in exterior styles that will help you make that critical decision.

 Five most common trends in custom home exteriors. 

  • The modern farmhouse

This style has become popular over the recent years, and you will find most farm houses are built with wood. It is characterized by two-up-two windows and a large front porch. It is built with flat boards instead of detailed crown molding, which makes the exterior simple. The house has a section of batten and board siding and horizontal lap siding. However, the clapboards and horizontal wooden boards limit moisture and the wind from getting into the foundation.

  • Contemporary

They are recognized by their strange colors and shapes or deliberate choices to omit some details on its surface. A common similarity in these exteriors is large windows with large glass panes that allow plenty of light into your home.

  • Transitional homes

This type of exterior style incorporates traditional and contemporary styles focusing on practicality and function. It is known for its grey, beige or neutral cream colors and has little decoration on its walls. The modern lines and classic curves give it a classy and clean look.

  • Craftsman homes 

The arts and crafts movements started the crafts home design. The design stresses the use of simple, well-made products made by local craftspeople. These homes use natural materials such as handcrafted woodwork and stones and have a simple appearance that is warm and welcoming.

The design has a low-pitched roof, overhanging eaves, hipped gables, and a wide front porch with pedestals or columns that extend to ground level.

  • Outdoor living

Most home buyers have the outdoor space on their wish list. These spaces can be an entertainment or relaxation spot. Most outdoor spaces feature indoor amenities such as lights, TVs, and cooking, dining, and sitting spaces.

Thus, there is a need to blend the outdoors and indoor spaces. The design uses several multi-panel doors that glide or slide out of the way to create a seamless connection between the two spaces.

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Custom homes give you the advantage of choosing the perfect exterior style that is aesthetically pleasing and practical. Also, some cladding materials used in the exterior walls offer authentic looks, are resistant to insects, cracks, and moisture, and are easy to maintain. Choosing features and designs that are timeless is important. Get in touch with Milan Homes, offering services in Tampa and all of Florida.

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