The Top 8 Trendiest Features for Your Custom Home

by | Oct 1, 2021 | custom home builder

Custom home

What makes a custom home unique? Every feature from the staircase to the master bedroom is all you! While you can’t wait to build your custom home, there is a lot of planning required. There are factors to consider, from incorporating trendy ideas you liked to ensuring your home meets your needs.


Trendy Features for Your Custom Home

  1. A kitchen island

Installing an island is one of the trendiest features in kitchen remodelling. It evokes a sense of  openness and is an aesthetically pleasing way to increase your storage and cooking space. A kitchen island is also social space, so you can engage your friends and family while still frying that steak.

While there are standard kitchen islands, there are features that can make yours memorable, such as waterfall countertops, unique sink configurations, and endless color and design choices.


  1. A game room

Setting aside space for your family to relax and spend time together is incredibly important, and there’s no better place to do that than a game room. Whether you install an amazing home theater system to enjoy your favourite movies or add vintage arcade cabinets to hold family tournaments on, a game room can be customized to your lifestyle and hobbies with ease.


  1. A spacious bathroom

The bathroom is arguably the center of a home – it’s the first place that you go in the morning and the last place you go at night before getting into bed. When you’re building your custom home, you have the power to create a bathroom that’s comfortable enough to help you start and end your days right.

Space is a big factor in how comfortable your bathroom is – ensure that you have enough space for multiple people getting ready for the day ahead in the morning and to have room to breathe in at night.


  1. An organized pantry

Anyone who’s lived without a pantry knows how much easier they make cooking and storing food. Ensuring that your pantry is well-organized and spacious enough to store food effectively can save you a lot of headaches in the future.


  1. A central vac system

Do you still drag your vacuum cleaner to every room when you need to clean? A central vac can save you a lot of time and effort in this area. Central vacs are built into the walls of a house, neatly collecting dust and debris in tanks in the basement. All you have to do is plug the vacuum hose into the wall socket in the room you’re trying to clean, and presto!


  1. A convenient laundry room

While your laundry room might not be as exciting as a game room or dream kitchen, it’s essential for making your daily life simpler. Consider adding a closet or shelving for linens, a place to store cleaning supplies, or even a folding table!


  1. A bi-folding glass wall

This trend is taking the real estate industry by storm. With a bi-folding glass wall, you can enjoy mother nature without stepping out of your house. Most of these walls are insulated, so you can enjoy your backyard no matter what the weather is like outside.


  1. An outdoor kitchen

If you’re a big fan of hosting barbecues and parties on your patio, an outdoor kitchen might be just the thing for you. These spaces go beyond the grill – they might include counters and even refrigerators for a seamless outdoor cooking experience. Top it all off with seating and lights, and you have the perfect place to have guests for any occasion!

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