6 Features to Include When Building a Custom Home on a Lake

by | Nov 1, 2021 | custom home builder

custom lake house

Most people love to think that a custom lake house should be a luxurious estate or a run-down shack but that is not exactly true. Lake view homes do not have to fit into any particular custom home features stereotypes and you can make them as you want to.

You can choose to have it modest, or well-designed. The choice is yours. Here are a few custom home features you should incorporate into your classic custom lake house;

Landscape Elements

Most lake view homes feature slopes and hills. You’ll wish to be extra careful with your design to incorporate such elements. A split-level home would be perfect for a landscape, but you can also choose to design a small flat home in the hills.

Emphasize the View

The main focal point for classic custom homes is the view. Of course with a custom lake house, the view will be of the lake, and you should therefore ensure that this is seen through the design. It could be through a porch design or a window that will overlook the beautiful lake.

Adapt to the floor plan

You will probably engage your custom lake house to a beautiful body of water, and here are some design options for you;

A mudroom that can take off sandy clothing.

An accessible bathroom with an outdoor garage that you can easily use to clean up after being on the beach.

Embrace Natural Elements

Now, depending on your taste for a custom lake house, you can have a variety of aesthetics and styles and one thing you must always keep in mind is the natural surroundings of your home. Mix some taste of beauty around the home to make it stand out.

One timeless and easy way of doing things is through the utilization of natural elements in your design. Do this from the outside to the inside.

Allow the Light In

One of the best custom home features is to have light coming in through the ceiling windows. This will help surround your home with nature. With large and beautiful ceiling windows, you will be able to receive the sun’s rays right into your home.

With trees and nature all around you, you will end up with enough lighting and fresh air in your Custom lake house.

Consider a Room to Keep things Clean

Having a day out on the lake can be quite messy. You will end up with dirty feet, and sand all over the house. It can be pretty hard to handle, and therefore most contractors will ensure that lake view homes have a little room to make sure that everything is clean.

Your guests will need to get cleaned up in this room before tracking dirt all over the house. The mess will be reserved here.

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