Top 5 Energy Savers to Consider in Your New Custom Home

by | Nov 15, 2021 | custom home builder

Energy-efficient homes

Energy-efficient homes are now more important than ever with some extreme temperatures being experienced in many locations. Judging from the forecast made by the US Energy Information Administration that the cost of energy will go up by almost 3% this year alone, there’s a need for change.

With that in mind, it will be perfect to plan for energy efficiency in your home when you are designing it in order to keep energy costs low.

An energy-efficient home will assist you to reduce high electricity demands, with power stations running without interruption. While using less energy helps to decrease power plant emissions.

With a lot of green initiatives rapidly coming, it is advisable to move ahead of government regulations so you don’t spend more money in the future for renovations in your house for defaulting compliance requirements.

Here Are 5 Energy Savers That Can Help You 

Structured water heating system

After a home energy assessment, you will find that Water heating contributes to over 15% of energy costs. It is one of the very significant expenditures in many homes. It’s one of the major sources that consume energy in any home.

Fortunately, there are many energy-saving home improvements and systems available in the market that can help you minimize energy consumed by water heating systems.

E.g., the lifestyle SunSmart building package which is 60% efficient than the regular electric water heater.

Energy Efficient Appliances

This is very simple, but it is so easy to look down on it. Always seek appliances with energy savers labeled on them before you purchase, use or install them. All energy-saving home improvements should feature energy-efficient appliances.

Electric power saver devices for home appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers should never be underestimated considering the amount of never-ending usage or need for this appliance at home and the plugin time.

Proper Sheathing

With brands like Lifestyle SunSmart, you can expect your home to be constructed with system exterior sheathing like zipping, a modern sheathing system built to keep moisture out and enhance structural durability and lower the chances of air leakage.

Usage of High-Efficiency Cooling and Heating Systems

Home energy assessment shows that over 50% of energy usage in the home is from cooling and heating systems.  This means, no energy-efficient home is complete without an energy-saving cooling and heating system.

That will smartly reduce energy consumption and will have to be at a minimum of 95% energy efficient, meaning only 5% energy will be lost. It is also important that these are properly installed. If not, your home’s efficiency will decrease by 30%.

Efficient LED Lighting

The installation of LED lighting or an electric power saver device for the home has a lot of benefits. LEDs reduce the amount of wasted energy by about 75% compared to regular incandescent bulbs. Apart from reduction of energy usage, LED Lighting is smaller in size, safer, lasts longer, and is maintenance-free.


Energy efficiency guides or electric power saver devices for the home are important if you want to save energy all over your home. So, keep an open mind in learning or using every available option to keep the cost of energy consumed in your home as low as possible

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