The Top 10 Additions to Make to a New Home

by | Oct 11, 2021 | custom home builder

Home additions

Finally, your home stands high in Tampa Bay, and that is a great achievement, except you feel unsettled that it may not have the highest price tag were you to put it on the market. So, what are the home additions you should consider to boost your home’s value while still ensuring you and your family enjoy your new home?


10 Ideas For Home Additions

  1. Second story addition

A common home addition project is ripping your roof for vertical expansion. Whatever your reason is, the idea may be unsettling for many. So, what are the options?

  • Starting from scratch

This is ripping the roof to erect the new upper level from the start. It is common with farmhouses.

  • Roof replacement

Break off the edges of the existing roof for temporary lifting. Install the upper level and once it’s framed, put it back.

  • Expansion

This incorporates expanding the upper level of your home outwards over a one-story section below.

  • Modular second-story addition

This is where you get design-build services, so your desired structure is built off-site and brought for erection. Are you looking for a quick solution? The option is ideal!

Depending on the size of the addition, this may cost between $60,000 to $600,000. Remember that involving an architect or builder will ensure the existing foundation can handle the second story.

  1. Renovate your attic

You can almost do anything with the attic. However, ensure the half of the ceiling is at least seven feet and attached to the staircase. It is perfect as a guest bedroom, gym, or studio.

  1. Kitchen addition

Remodeling your kitchen boosts your home’s value with an ROI of 93% on resale. It may include incorporating a walk-in pantry or a better social space for meals. Ideas may include changing the floors, getting new backsplash tiles, a kitchen island, open shelves for your mugs, lighting, or replacing your countertops with wood, concrete, granite, or marble.

  1. Repurpose your garage into an extra room

Provided it is attached to the rest of the house, this is one of the more expensive room additions and may cost up to $14 000. The room may be used as a workshop, gym, or bedroom for your guests.

  1. Add a mudroom

The shoes and the kid’s backpacks can create messes, but not with a mudroom. While it’s a ‘mud’ room, ensure to make it appealing with wall hooks, cabinetry, or lockers.

  1. Enlarge or move the laundry room

How about moving your laundry room from the first to the second floor or from the basement upwards? You could also incorporate extra storage space for efficiency.

  1. Bathroom expansion

Incorporating bathrooms into each bedroom is a great way to boost your home’s value. Based on the style, it may cost roughly $18000. For instance, do you prefer a bathtub or shower? Or a frameless or framed glass door? Additionally, you can remodel the existing tubs for an incredible experience every morning. Several creative bathroom ideas include adding seating, lighting, a fireplace, pocket doors for storage, and artwork!

  1. Make use of the basement.

Your basement doesn’t have to be your clutter or equipment storage. Finished basements are suitable for theaters or general entertaining rooms. Whatever the cost, this will give an ROI of 70%, plus you will enjoy it while it lasts. You can’t limit your ideas; turn the basement into a bedroom but with emergency windows.

  1. Replace the porch with a sunroom

Enclosing the porch for a feel of the sun’s rays while in the house is a great home addition idea. However, include some heating properties and ensure the atmosphere is like a living room with lamps and a nice set of furniture. It will give a return of 50%.

  1. Bump-out addition

It is a small room addition of two feet to ten or fifteen feet. The good news is that it doesn’t require a foundation or a roof, making it less costly.

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