How to Select the Perfect Home Windows

by | Oct 18, 2021 | custom home builder

Home Windows

Selecting home windows can be overwhelming given all the materials, features, and styles you have to choose from. In addition, windows for a new home are a sizable investment that will cost you quite a lot. This is, therefore, a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Choosing Window Styles

House windows come in a variety of styles. These will work whether you are dealing with a new home or replacing windows in an old house. Basically, four main window styles are trendy. These can work for your living room or kitchen windows, and they can also be hurricane impact windows or sliding glass doors window styles. They include;


Single or Double Windows

This style is one of the most common, and can also be used in sliding glass doors. Most homes use them. They have two separate sashes that open and close by sliding them.

A single-hung window will open from the bottom by sliding it up, and a double-hung window can either be opened from the top or bottom.


Casement Windows

This window style usually has one large sash that’s usually hinged vertically, and it opens when you swing it out. Typically you may have a lever or other mechanism to open the window.


Awning Windows

Awning Windows for a new home are usually hinged at the top and then opened by tilting the bottom part of the window. Now, as the name suggests, they create an appearance of an awning when they are opened. This style is primarily popular in bathrooms and coastal areas.


Slider Windows

This type of window slides open from one side to another and is an excellent choice for home windows when there is little space outside of your home to swing a window to open.


Choosing Sash Materials and Window Frames

After determining your house windows style, and the kind of window you are going to install, you should consider the materials the windows will be made of. The most popular materials are vinyl and wood. There are also several variations to this, including wood-clad windows.

Main types;


Wood windows

When choosing windows for a new home, wood is gorgeous, has good insulation properties, and can resist heat and cold. It has a natural look but requires some considerable maintenance.


Vinyl windows

These have become pretty popular as house windows, and this is because vinyl is virtually maintenance-free and provides excellent insulation at a reasonable price. It also looks great.


Window Quality

When choosing house windows or kitchen windows, it’s essential to find the highest-quality windows as these will offer the best protection from the outside world. You should also ensure they are hurricane impact windows in case of a hurricane.

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