Your Custom or Semi-Custom Home Building Construction Process

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Homebuilding process in tampa

The home building process can be very demanding, and hiring an unaccommodating team can make it highly taxing and much worse. With Milan Homes, you will have a team of professionals at your disposal. Not only will we help you in achieving the house of your dreams, but our expertise in the home building field also makes us a reliable option. Dive into your home-building process with a carefully crafted plan and get your custom-built home today!


The importance of a Home Building Timeline

Whether you got an empty plot for an attractive price or saved up your entire life for your dream house, the home building timeline is essential in ensuring that the home building process is smooth and does not have any obstacles. With a proper timeline, you can visualize schedules and arrange resources and labor accordingly.

Depending on the nature of your custom home building project and the amount of detail required, it takes about 6.5 to 10 months to construct a home if you are starting from scratch. Even though this timeline accounts for the time consumed in obtaining work permits, it does not consider other things like bad weather conditions, a global epidemic, natural disasters, and other unpredictable things. If uncertainty occurs, this timeline could easily extend beyond ten months. If you want to speed things up, we suggest you hire a contractor, especially in challenging times.


Things you should know before initiating the home building process.

The pre-building process is as crucial as the execution stages. This pre-building process will require you to find and buy a place to build your home, hire an architect who can help with the designing and floor layout process, obtain permits, hire a contractor, and get a home construction loan from the relevant authorities. During the pre-building process, you can ask the architect you have hired to introduce a touch of customization into the plans to make your home feel more familiar and personal.


Constructing a Home Building Timeline

If you want to construct a realistic timeline that will help you tackle setbacks efficiently, you need to thoroughly discuss them with your dealer. Discuss the various aspects and obstacles that could hinder the construction project’s progress and account for multiple factors. A few things that your home building timeline must include are the time for groundbreaking, placing footers and laying the foundation, building the structure of the house, i.e., the walls and the roof, mechanicals, drywall and insulation, flooring, placing finishing on the exteriors, installing fixtures and appliances, driveways and walkways, and so much more!

Once the construction is complete, the timeline should also account for the time taken up in cleaning, landscaping, a final inspection by clients and the workers themselves, a walk-through that introduces you to your home and its multiple features, and the final closing process after which you will be able to move into your home!


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Are you looking for the ultimate home building experience in Tampa, Florida? With Milan Homes, unlock the gateway to your custom-built home and so much more! Our experts have worked on construction projects that entail both commercial and residential projects. Give us a design, and no matter how challenging and demanding it is, our expert home designers and construction workers will put their heads together to tackle any sort of challenge.

We have produced some high-quality homes with spacious rooms and have utilized the given space to the best of our abilities. Contact us today if you are taking a step towards building your own home and want a reliable and highly credible home designing company!

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